Nutrona – How are premium supplements different from others?

Every year, the dietary supplements market is flooded with new companies that create countless brands. Will I recognize which ones are recommendable and valuable, and which are made from inferior quality ingredients? You can be guided by the price, but it does not always indicate the class of a given product. Let’s take a closer look at it and see if premium supplements are worth the price and what they actually contain.

In the food industry, we are used to some common misconceptions about vitamin and mineral supplements. From sentences like “supplements don’t do anything anyway” to “I can get them for half the price in any supermarket.” Sometimes there are even phrases such as “these things do you more harm than good.” And yet there is undeniable evidence that dietary supplementation provides the body with a whole spectrum of pro-health benefits. On the other hand, studies that claim supplements are inappropriate for us have repeatedly been rejected by scientists.
While it is possible to meet your daily requirements with diet alone, the chances of achieving it in your daily life are very unlikely. So taking vitamin and mineral supplements daily is recommended for most of us.
People are concerned about unknown brands, but an equally large proportion has doubts about brands widely advertised on TV. After all, good marketing can sell anything. Interestingly, not only consumers have a problem with this, because even doctors do not know the differences between recipes, just like many pharmacists.

The wealth of ingredients in premium supplements
Premium supplement brands are often sold in natural health clinics that stock up on the best: the best product form, the best dosage, and the right combination of ingredients. When we invest in restoring health, quality matters in everything.
Some premium brands also go to online stores, and in this case it is good to check their ingredients carefully. It is he who can tell us whether we are dealing with a good-class product or just another composition that will not hurt, but will not necessarily help. This knowledge is not easy to describe in one article, because vitamins and microelements constitute a very rich world, the learning of which often takes years. So, how to choose the right product that you can trust – tested, proven and recommended by specialists? There are several considerations to consider when purchasing.

Why are the best premium supplements worth the money?
For starters, note that not all ingredients with the same name are created equal. It’s a bit like the difference between free range organic chickens and conventional ones. Well, supplements work the same way.
Most vitamins and minerals can be obtained in different ways – depending on the technology. For example, most plants use calcium carbonate, which is poorly absorbed. Calcium citrate or hydroxyapatite is much more useful. The dosage itself is equally important, which is why the role of experienced nutrition and diet specialists is so important. Since we are already on calcium, in order to digest it, you also need an adequate level of vitamins D3, A and K2. All these dependencies must be known to the people responsible for the final composition of a given supplement.

Companies offering premium supplements invest heavily in rigorous testing of their products. They regularly check that the ingredients on the label are actually in the tablets and that their quality is as expected. This is where the issue of price comes into play – cheaper brands that aspire to higher-end brands have much more additives in their composition. They are usually fillers, such as magnesium stearate, corn starch, dyes or other substances. Premium supplement companies adhere to European standards and know how to avoid it. In their case, you can be sure that the plant capsule contains only herbs and minerals.

Precise composition and appropriate dosage
Premium brands know how to combine ingredients to get the best effect. They employ highly qualified herbalists and technologists who create appropriate combinations in recipes. We have known for a long time that supplements are not about the greatest amount, but about adjusting the proportions and mutual influences of individual ingredients. Thanks to advanced tests, companies ensure quality that translates into better product performance. Ultimately, premium supplements do just that – they perform better compared to other specifics. They may not be cheap, but if they are effective, it means they match what is on the label.
A good way to check a given product is also to visit its website or the manufacturer’s website. This is where the information we are looking for should be.